Monday, June 22, 2009

Zenit June releases...

Greetings to all.

This month we bring you two miniatures very consistent with the magical month we are.

First of all we have the Uro. A creature born from the spirits of the forest. A spirit that inhabits the body of an human being. Even the most valiant enemies of the Cult of Thousan Faces will escape from this monster. This mastodon, whose humanity is barely recognizable, serves the Grand Priestess with devout fury. Keep his enemies away from his blade, being as monstrous as it is.

On the other hand we have the Gargoyles. They are the most advanced members of the non-living in their research of final incarnation. Born at the image and likeness of their creators, the Serifan, they are the damned elite of the non-living. The only non-living that were abled to be embodied in a living body, but condemned to an imperfect shape and sentenced to not being able to die. They're trapped in their carnal forms and will never stand in their final incarnation with all his brothers. Therefore they discharge all their anger and their hate against the living. They walk on the battlefield enduring injuries that would make a giant die, and destroying everything that comes across their way. But they are not invincible. Because their meat is mortal and they can bleed, and their bones can be broken. And the Gargola will remain inert, unable to breathe, unable to move ... but aware of everything that happens around him. A curse really shocking.

Each Gargola will be 8.50 euros and the Uro is a limited edition (100 units) on metal at 13.95 euros. This last one stands 5.4 cms and comes with a scenic base.

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