Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yedharo Models: May releases...

Fausto Gutiérrez López, sculptor of Yedharo has posted the new releases of his company...

You will find 2 mini bust for the War of Zodiacs serie: Tauro and new Capricorn.
Green Giant is in progress and will be available on 20 of May. It belongs to the Medieval Heroes series.
Capricorn bust 1/10 scale is in progress too.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fantasy Dimension... a magazine

J.J. kindly reminds me that talking about Spanish miniatures and not talking about Action Press is something silly.

Action Press is a publishing company that especializes in everything related with modelling and painting miniatures. Right now they publish five magazines devoted to the hobby:

Euro Modelismo:
Monthly magazine dedicated to static scale kits.
In its pages you will find photographic references, step by step workshops, international contests galleries and news.
The scales go from the 1/700 or smaller of navy kits to 1/16 or bigger of racing bikes or vinyl movie kits, without forgeting the common 1/72, 1/48 or 1/35.

Euro Figuras:
Magazine dedicates exclusively to scale figures.
It is four-monthly.

Euro Uniformes:

Magazine focused in documentation of uniforms, with huge quantity of photos and drawings.
Our sources are private collections, museums and reenactments from all over the world.
Sadly this magazine has ended with issue number 40.

Fantasy Dimension:
Fantasy Dimension is the new publication of Accion Press dedicated to the fantastic and sci-fi modellers. In this magazine you can find articles of the best modellers about painting, modelling, building or scenery techniques.

Panzer Aces:
Magazine dedicated to static scale kits and scenes of tanks and other armoured vehicles. Bimonthly. Right now is the only magazine with text in English. In USA you can find this publication under the Armor Models name.

Action Press also has a huge collection of monographics devoted to the artistic aproach to the hobby... Its books about uniformology, painting techniques, modelling, etc.. are a must in the bookshelves of any modeller.

The good news is that they are thinking in translating Fantasy Dimension into English, German and French languages.

Acción Press, S.A.
Ezequiel Solana, 16
28017 Madrid

+34 91 367 57 08


+34 91 408 58 41


Sphere Wars: sneak peeks...

Painter Angel Giraldez has in its blog a sneak peek of two minis from Sphere Wars...

Both of them sculpted by David Rivero...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alexandros Models:

Eduardo Pérez Delgado has started this company devoted to 75mm historical and fantasy miniatures. But right now he has one 33mm figure... All of them are stunning minis, modelled and painted to the highest level...


Aptdo. de correos 45
08140 Caldes de Montbui
Barcelona - SPAIN

+ 34 677 713 451


Enigma Miniatures: April releases...

The Old Death and Gavin are from Pedro Fernandez, former Gamezone sculptor... and the dwarf are from Raul Latorre himself...

Here is the axe option...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Zenit: Artilleryman WIP

Here is the final product of an Artilleryman for the Kingdom of Heaven faction... The WIP can be seen here...

And the Catapult is here...

Zenit: May advance...

In the web of Zenit Miniatures there is concept art of next May releases...

The Mantis, proyectile troops for the Orphans...

You can W.I.P. photographs here... very tempting!! They are based on basque pelota, jai alai... IMHO...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sphere Wars: an introduction...

Well, the people from Sphere Wars has sent me a little preview of the game...

Not any mini, but they are related...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Game Zone Dark Elf Hunter...

According with some rumours this is a not-new novelty from Gamezone... This apparent contradiction is because in the same fountain of the rumour it is said that was sculpted some time ago...
At the same time there are two other novelties related, two minor demons, full of movement, perhaps to compensate the static but full of force female figure...

Arena Deathmatch...

Someone asks me about the Avatars of War new game and Ignasi Ferrer, Studio Manager of Avatars has sent me some info:

Arena DeathMatch: The game of miniatures combat in fantasy arenas.

Avatars of War: Arena DeathMatch is a 28mm miniatures game that depicts the bloody clash between two or more bands of heroes facing off on the floor of the arena, in front of a raucous crowd that is thirsty for action, violence and death. This deadly contest is known as a deathmatch.

The most powerful heroes among the mortal races are known as the Avatars of War—heroes chosen by the Gods of War themselves. These Avatars, in addition to being fierce combatants, are able to draw upon the silver of divinity within their souls for the power to expand their already awesome combat abilities.

In Arena DeathMatch, each player controls a band of Avatars of War as they face off on the arena
floor in front of a cheering (or jeering) crowd.

The perils of the Arena stand against you: traps, hazards and even savage beasts stand between you and your opponent. The door to the Arena opens, and the shouting crowd is eager to see their favourite heroes fight to the death.Will they be cheering your victory... or your death? There’s only one way to find out!

Arena DeathMatch games are played to a number of points which state the the size of the game: that is, the total amount of gold coins (gc) that each player can spend to recruit and train his Avatars of War. For example you can play a 750 gc deathmatch, a 800 gc deathmatch, ...

Commonly, each player will recruit between four and seven Avatars of War for his band. Recruiting and training your Avatars of War is an important part of Arena DeathMatch. You should now spend some time reading the rules for each Avatar of War in the rulebook and considering the possibilities and combinations available. The Arena DeathMatch band maker is a perfect tool to experiment different options for your band.

You can choose the Avatars of War that better fit your gaming style, for example, a ranged combat based band, or a close combat based one, or even a band full of spellcasters! You can also choose your Avatars of War simply based on the look of their miniatures. It is up to you!

New material is created monthly to enrich the game: new Avatars of War to join your band, beasts and ultra supporter groups, more scenery elements to spice up your arena, and new scenarios. These are just some of the things that take Arena DeathMatch beyond its rulebook.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nocturna Models.

From Nocturna Models:

Bust 1:10 modeled by Angel Terol: The Free Scotman.

A 54mm modeled by Jesus G. Fontes and Turluron: Cedric of Wessex.

A bust modeled by Isidro Moñux. 30 mm of height.

Game Forces number 13 in Spanish: World Expo in Girona

The lastest Spanish issue of Game Forces is dedicated to the World Expo 2008 in Gerona (Girona in Catalan)... Sadly I haven't this issue and I could not made to visit it... but I have checked the web and have a look at it on Quimera and it looks amazing... and full of photos and very little text (that it is Spanish, sadly for you).

Game Forces Magazine in English

It appears that Game Forces, one of the most beatiful and useful magazines in Spanish is taking the leap to the English world... In its webpage appears a link to a First Issue in English, with a beatiful cover and some mini example of the content... as an avid reader of the Spanish issues I only could recoment it...

The articles are step by step progress of some of the top painters in Spain and abroad, one inteview with an sculptor, painter or company's owner and useful tips of modeling and painting. Former contributors has been Banshee, J.J. JMPN, Angel Giraldez, etc...



P.S. Someone has told me that this a year-old piece of news... Sorry... It was new for me, seeing in the web the English version...

New figures from Infinity: 19th April 2009

Painter Ángel Giraldez, from Corvus Belli, has posted some new figures for Infinity. These are some Highlanders for the Ariadna faction...

These are supossed to came into a pack with interchangeable heads and arms, makin possible to personalizase the minis...

There is also the Spektr girl I posted yesterday...

And the Kempentai for Yu-ying

Avatars of War

Former GW sculptor Felix Paniagua started this company right after leaving GW on April 2007 (before being hired by GW he had started DragonRune, a company that was adquired by TheTinDictator on 2003 and now its products are owned by Armorcast) .

Its products are 28mm miniatures that drink from the same sources that DragonRune and GW, a fantasy setting quite familiar to anybody. Most of them are of the heroic type, not producing rank-and-file troops.

They are producing right now (from October 2008) a game of single duels to use with his figures, Arena Deathmatch.

Work in progress of War Priest...


Avatars of War

Mare de Deu dels Angels, 37
08921 Sta. Coloma de Gramenet
Barcelona, Spain

+34 933 85 03 26


English Web site:
Online Shop:

Payment Methods and Shipping costs:
Paypal and bank transfer.

  • Up to 2 minis 2.20 €
  • Up to 4 minis 4.15 €
  • Up to 7 minis 7.10 €
  • Up to 10 minis 10.50 €
  • Up to 20 minis 12.46 €
Rest of the World
  • Up to 2 minis 2.88 €
  • Up to 4 minis 5.35 €
  • Up to 7 minis 9.97 €
  • Up to 10 minis 12.10 €
  • Up to 20 minis 19.10 €

List of Retailers.

Sphere Wars

By David Rivero

By Aragorn Marks

By Pedro Fernández
By Michael Jenkins

A new enterprise with a fantasy game. Very original concept and a bunch of talented people...

Sculptors Team:
- Pedro Fernández (Director), former GameZone
- Aragorn Marks, first chief of sculptors in Rackham
- Jose Luis Roig, former Infinity sculptor
- Vladd Junger, former Infinity sculptor
- Michael Jenkkins, former Infinity sculptor
- David Rivero
- Leonardo Escobar
- Israel González

Painters Team
- Ángel Giraldez (Director)
- Borja García

- Antonio José Manzanedo (Director)
- Diego Diz

Design and Race Development
- Jordi Cañellas (Director)
- Daniel García
- Asier Blanco
- Diego Diz

Sadly, the webpage is on its beta version and only in Spanish (beware of the Spanish speaking intro)... You could see concept art under the Saphir flap above...

More concept art could be found here...