Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sphere Wars

By David Rivero

By Aragorn Marks

By Pedro Fernández
By Michael Jenkins

A new enterprise with a fantasy game. Very original concept and a bunch of talented people...

Sculptors Team:
- Pedro Fernández (Director), former GameZone
- Aragorn Marks, first chief of sculptors in Rackham
- Jose Luis Roig, former Infinity sculptor
- Vladd Junger, former Infinity sculptor
- Michael Jenkkins, former Infinity sculptor
- David Rivero
- Leonardo Escobar
- Israel González

Painters Team
- Ángel Giraldez (Director)
- Borja García

- Antonio José Manzanedo (Director)
- Diego Diz

Design and Race Development
- Jordi Cañellas (Director)
- Daniel García
- Asier Blanco
- Diego Diz

Sadly, the webpage is on its beta version and only in Spanish (beware of the Spanish speaking intro)... You could see concept art under the Saphir flap above...

More concept art could be found here...

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