Monday, April 27, 2009

Fantasy Dimension... a magazine

J.J. kindly reminds me that talking about Spanish miniatures and not talking about Action Press is something silly.

Action Press is a publishing company that especializes in everything related with modelling and painting miniatures. Right now they publish five magazines devoted to the hobby:

Euro Modelismo:
Monthly magazine dedicated to static scale kits.
In its pages you will find photographic references, step by step workshops, international contests galleries and news.
The scales go from the 1/700 or smaller of navy kits to 1/16 or bigger of racing bikes or vinyl movie kits, without forgeting the common 1/72, 1/48 or 1/35.

Euro Figuras:
Magazine dedicates exclusively to scale figures.
It is four-monthly.

Euro Uniformes:

Magazine focused in documentation of uniforms, with huge quantity of photos and drawings.
Our sources are private collections, museums and reenactments from all over the world.
Sadly this magazine has ended with issue number 40.

Fantasy Dimension:
Fantasy Dimension is the new publication of Accion Press dedicated to the fantastic and sci-fi modellers. In this magazine you can find articles of the best modellers about painting, modelling, building or scenery techniques.

Panzer Aces:
Magazine dedicated to static scale kits and scenes of tanks and other armoured vehicles. Bimonthly. Right now is the only magazine with text in English. In USA you can find this publication under the Armor Models name.

Action Press also has a huge collection of monographics devoted to the artistic aproach to the hobby... Its books about uniformology, painting techniques, modelling, etc.. are a must in the bookshelves of any modeller.

The good news is that they are thinking in translating Fantasy Dimension into English, German and French languages.

Acción Press, S.A.
Ezequiel Solana, 16
28017 Madrid

+34 91 367 57 08


+34 91 408 58 41


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